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Hubei Wudao Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Hubei Wudao Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is the Provincial Grade Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrial in Hubei Province, Hubei Green Tea Local Famous Brand Enterprise. The Wudao Brand products produced by Hubei Wudao Tea Industry Co., Ltd. in Dawu County Xiaogan. Most of the tea garden spotted in the mountains and the altitude can be more than 500 meters. It is among the cloud with great ecological environment. It belongs to the North of Yangtze River Tea Production Area.

The Wudao Tea adopts the connection between traditional tea technology and modern production method through numerous processes. It reappears the special taste of the Chinese traditional tea,. The tea is tender with bright color and it smells sweet and the water is bright and transparent and it tastes good. It has been awarded as the Gold Price in the National Green Tea Appraise, Special Price in the Zhongchabei competition. It is praised as the Top Ten Famous Cultural and Tourism Tea, Top Ten Agricultural Products in Hubei Province.

Drink Wudao Brand Tea, lead health road and learn the belief of life.

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